About us

The Express Train

Music brings people together...

We are a Vienna based band formed in 2010 by young musicians from all around the world.

Using the acoustic guitar as our lead instrument, we bring a refreshing twist both to all-time great songs and to the latest hits. The members of The Express Train are known for their passion and the energy they bring to each performance.

Whether it's Reggae or House, Rock n' Roll or Disco, we use music to bring people together at every kind of event and function. And to top it all off, we add unique colour to our repertoire with a wide range of Spanish songs and rhythms.

At each show, we choose each song “on the fly” to suit the audience's mood of the moment. That's why engaging with the crowd is such an important part of what we do.

Our attention to detail covers not just musical quality. We are also very aware of organizational and aesthetic issues. This ensures that every performance is a great performance.


Our favourite topic

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Less is more

"The small things are what people remember most about a wedding. An acoustic duet may at first sight look like just a minor feature, and as the guests enter the room, they might think they know what to expect. They'd be wrong. People suddenly start dancing and singing – and the party has really begun. The unexpected has suddenly become unforgettable."

Guests of all ages and from around the world get together for special occasions like weddings. Our role is to connect with each and every one of them.

A wedding can’t be planned in a day. Our mission begins months beforehand as we contribute to the planning process. We listen to your ideas and look ahead to make them happen.

Having played in all kinds of locations – from intimate venues in Vienna to a magnificent castle in Poland – we always bring all the equipment a wedding might require.

Finally, to avoid any misunderstandings, our responsibilities are clearly defined in a written contract.